6 Things You Need, But Are Stopping You From Making Money.

Let’s deal with the boring part first just so you can have a bit of necessary background information.

Through my training under Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes of Robbins-Madanes Training, I was introduced to the concept of Human Needs Psychology (I’m not a mental health practitioner) and the Six Human Needs.  When you have a better understanding of the Six Human Needs, you’ll have a much better understanding of why you do what you do (including self-sabotaging behaviors) and what led you to make that choice to begin with.

Sidenote: Even though I’m focusing on money, this applies to all areas of your life such as relationships, work, play, health etc.

Here’s the deal, if you are a living, breathing human being-you are going to do whatever it takes to get your needs met (especially the first four), even it means meeting your needs in ways that don’t serve your best interest. And that’s what I’m talking about today. Meeting your needs by making less than optimal decisions and taking unsupportive actions.

  1. Certainty–the need to feel safe, secure. Predictable. Comfortable.  This can keep you stuck–stuck in a low-paying job you hate because of the regular, predictable income. It can keep you from taking chances on-whether they’re investment opportunities. asking for a promotion/raise,  speaking up at a meeting when you know you have a great idea, or starting the dog-grooming business you’ve been dreaming of.
  2. Uncertainty–the need for variety and change. The need for variety can keep you in a constant state of flux and chaos. Jumping from job to job or business to business so that you don’t stick with something long enough to make it work or make money.  Or, you live in a constant state of crisis so you don’t have the time, energy, or focus left to give to lucrative income producing opportunities.
  3. Significance–the need to feel important, unique, worthy, even special. This can cause you to overspend because you feel like the only way you are going be valued or worthy is if you have the latest Channel handbag or Christian Louboutin shoes. Or, you overcompensate your low self-esteem by being a bully–or freaking exhausting the shit out of yourself by becoming indispensable to your family. You know–the Supermom type. She serves healthy, home-cooked meals every night. She’s president of the PTA, cleans the toilet with a toothbrush, has a full-time job, volunteers at the local food bank, and is perfectly put together All. The. Time. She spends so much time trying to be perfect and comparing herself to others that she misses some seriously awesome income opportunities.
  4. Connection–the need for relationships and a sense of belonging. The need for connection can cause you to bend over backward for other people and lose your identity so you can keep them in your life. The problem with losing your identity (your true identity) is that your gifts often suffer…which ultimately can lead to depression and the inability to make cash money with ease and fun.
  5. Growth–the need to grow is all about learning, self-improvement, and becoming more skilled. The need to constantly improve and better yourself can keep you in a place of inaction because you never “feel ready” to actually start coaching clients. Or maybe you have a great idea for a business but won’t launch because you need to take one more marketing class so you’re sure you’re getting it right. And let’s face it, therapy, coaching, healing, and classes all cost money…which you’re not making because “you don’t feel ready yet.”
  6. Contribution–the need to contribute means you’re more focused on helping others than you are to your own needs. You’re determined to leave your mark on the world. This is really beautiful but when you give, give, give without letting yourself receive, you end up burned out and broke.  How many more times can you go out for coffee with someone so they can “pick your brain” only to turn around 6 months later and see them driving a brand new Mercedes because of the advice you gave them while you’re still scrambling to make rent?

I think you get my point now. I’m going to leave you with this for the moment so you can take a day to journal and notice whether or not any of this is showing up in your life and if so, how.

I’ll be back with Part 2 and share examples of the Six Human Needs being met in a way that supports lucrative money flows.

If you’d like to explore this further, email me at: Robin@RobinBadler.com and we’ll set up a time to connect.

Much love and abundant blessings,




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Wtf, Universe? (August Energies & Healing)

I just finished a free one-hour explanation and healing that relates to the intense energies we’ve been experiencing.  If you’ve been experiencing anxiety, feel like you’re losing your mind or as though everything you value is falling apart, you can’t not watch or listen.

If you prefer audio, you can download it here:

If you prefer video, you can watch it here:


I’d love to hear if this resonates and if so, how.

Much love and abundant blessings,


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The Dark Side of the Light

Light can harm just as easily as it can heal.  That’s the truth, it may not be a popular truth, but that doesn’t change the way things are.

So, let’s look at this for a minute.  Lightning is made of light (well, technically energy just everything else but it shows up as light)…and while it can be beautiful, it’s highly transformative and if it hits a structure, tree, animal, or person it’s destructive.

When light is too bright, it can be blinding. Have you ever heard of being “snow blind”?  That’s when someone temporarily goes blind due to the sun’s reflection off snow and ice. The point is it not only blinds you to beauty, but also to possible danger.

And let’s talk about the sun. When you look directly at it, it blinds you. If you spend long periods of time in it, it burns you.

There’s a lot being done in the medical field with laser therapy to heal people. Put the laser in the wrong place or at the incorrect intensity and you’re going to get burned instead of healed.

A big part of the demon slaying I do involves a large amount of light. Although I’m using the destructive energy for good, it’s still destructive.

And finally, let’s look at light in terms of what’s going on with our current affairs. We’ve been going through a period where excessive amounts of light energy are being blasted onto the earth.  Now, most of the lightworkers, healers, and new age crew I know of are excited about it.  Their point of view is the light is coming through to save us from the dark that we’ve been shrouded in and I don’t disagree.

However, we’ve been experiencing excessive amounts of intensity because of the influx of light as well.

For example, here in the U.S., our newest director of communications in the White Hou

se is upset with information leaks.  I can dig it. But his way of handling his frustration doesn’t leave me with a lot of hope.  He’s quoted as saying (and this is on the record), “I want to fucking kill all the leakers.”  Now, I gotta give the guy props for his honesty…but this is the kind of energy that’s being activated by the flood of light. It’s angry and violent as opposed to peaceful and loving.

Light energy vibrates extremely fast…like shock waves and you know what shock waves can do.  So, it makes sense that the influx of light is stirring things up and even breaking them down without a whole lot of gentleness.


Have you noticed how many more people have been taking their lives lately?  These people are already having a hard time on the planet. Add in extreme amounts of light and it becomes overwhelming to the point where just can’t take anymore. There are also many more instances of strokes.  As well as anger, fear, anxiety, and general unrest.

In order for the light to do its work, it needs to shake things up so they can be cleared and since light carries no judgment, it’s not sitting there thinking…”oh, wait. Josie is already anxiety and fear ridden. I won’t blast as much light her on so she can handle it.  Not everyone or everything can handle the shake-up and the way they end up dealing with it may not be filled with puppy dogs and rainbows.

I don’t say this to scare you. It’s more so you can open your eyes and see what all sides. When you let yourself see the big picture, instead of just the perfect, pretty picture…you can handle life a hell of a lot better. You stop thinking there’s something wrong with you and do what’s necessary so you can deal with what’s in front of you. Whether it’s good, bad, good disguised as bad, bad disguised as good…or something in between.

And just so you, I don’t see the intensity of the light coming through easing up anytime soon.

If you need some help “lightening” your load, join us in The Inner Empire where we’re supporting each other through these trying times while manifesting money, men, and mayhem.

Click here to find out more about The Inner Empire: Money, Men, and Mayhem.

Much love and abundant blessings,

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What to do when the wind gets knocked out you

This video is a little long at approximately 14 minutes, watch it if you learn better visually, listen if you learn better that way…do what you need to do to absorb the information. It IS life changing.

The Inner Empire

Much love and abundant blessings,

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The Dark Side of Meditation

Did you know that meditation may not be right for everyone? This goes beyond not liking meditation or not feeling like you can quiet your mind enough for it to be effective. Not everyone has an emotional foundation for it and it can have deeply lasting negative effects.

And here’s something else that needs to be considered. If you are someone who is highly empathic and you don’t know how to handle your energy properly, meditation can open your empathic channel even more….which isn’t always a good idea.

I talk about some alternatives in this Facebook Live.

The essential oils I mentioned in the video are:
If any of the oils speak to you, click here to purchase them.

And don’t forget, Money, Men, & Mayhem officially opens its doors on August 1.
Click here for details.


Much love and abundant blessings,

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There’s Nothing Wrong With You, It’s Just Life

The cold hard truth is no matter how good of a person you are, no matter how much personal development you’ve done, and no matter how spiritual you are, you will be dealt some devastating blows during your lifetime.

A lot of people don’t like to talk about that…I’m not one of them. All too often people latch onto the spiritual path because they’ve been promised magic, all the ice cream you can eat and sweet little puppy dogs licking your face all day long.

And yes, there is a version of that. AND in order for magic to show up, you have to be willing to do the work required for you to be able to see it.

Believe it or not, eating ice cream all day long can get boring, it will make you fat, and if you’re like me, you can’t eat it anymore because your body hates milk and cheese products. And puppies….what could be bad about puppies? They need to be taken care of so they don’t eat your furniture and poop on your bed. They need to be taught how to respond to commands so you can keep them safe and they are an absolute responsibility.

And…I am going sound like a big old downer right now and while I am sorry about that, I’m not. High Vibrational Spiritual Leaders get sick and they die…they experience tragedy (Hello, just look at the Dalai Lama) and they are very strongly judged for their values and their way of living. I’m talking about the people who are here to do nothing more than spread peace and love and not try to “convert” you to their ways.

So, if these people who seem to be more evolved souls and have it more together in terms of personal development are subject to shit, then why wouldn’t the rest of us be subject to our version of it?

And therein lies the problem.

Way too many spiritual teachers share only the pretty side of life and they are doing you such a huge injustice.

I’ve seen the consequences of these teachings in way too many of my clients’ lives and even in my own. The minute something goes wrong, they start judging themselves and finding themselves lacking. Has this ever happened to you?

Look, I’m not pretending miracles don’t exist. I’ve been the grateful recipient of many in my lifetime and I’m sure you have too. But when spirituality and personal development is used as a way of only trying to obtain the experiences you want and avoiding the ones you don’t want, you are going to be in for a rude awakening.


Spirituality and Personal Development are tools that have been designed to help you as a human being. Your soul already knows the Truth, it’s the human who needs help.  The soul is here to experience duality, not judge it as good or bad.

Using spirituality and personal development as a way to bypass duality is keeping your soul from having the experience it came here to have.

Instead, use your spiritual and personal development tools as a way of creating a strong human foundation.  One that can withstand both the pain and the glory of life.  One that allows you to feel emotions without them making your choices for you.

A foundation that allows you to experience All of life.  The bad and the good.

You see, where there is light, there is also dark and vice versa.  That’s why when something bad happens, I also point out the good (or not so bad) part of the experience for my clients.  It’s not about denying the pain, it’s about seeing the entire experience.  It’s about seeing that life goes on no matter what you choose.

I’m the first person who wants to believe that if we do everything “right”…our personal development, spirituality, gratitude practice, meditation and so on….then nothing “bad” or painful will ever happen.

And it’s simply not true.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t experience “Heaven” on Earth.

How do you do that?

Remember that as a human you are going to experience both good and bad.  And then do the best you can to build a strong emotional and spiritual foundation so that you can deal with both the good and the bad when it shows up.  That’s how.

If you want some support in being able to say Yes to all that life has to offer, consider joining my brand new facebook group, The Inner Empire: Money, Men & Mayhem. We work on manifesting (things like money and men) so you can have the life you want (heaven on earth) while building up your Inner Empire (foundation) making it so you can handle both the good and the bad that comes along with being human.  Sign up here:  www.robinbadler.com/mmm

PS:  If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice I mentioned ‘being able to handle the good’ twice. That’s because way too many of you are more than willing to accept the shit while denying the gold.  The shit is going to come no matter what.  Why not learn how to say Yes to the gold too?

Much love and abundant blessings,


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Full Moon Healing July 2017

The upcoming full moon is ushering in strong transformative energies, especially when it comes to relationships.

If you would like some help managing your energy over the next few days, I did a live healing via Facebook on 7/7/17.

You can watch it here and get the full effects of the healing.

Much love and abundant blessings


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