We’re Moving!

The first blog I ever wrote was right here back in March of 2010.  I remember being so terrified of pressing the Publish button that when I finally did, I turned off my computer for hours.

I was absolutely convinced people would immediately read my blog and tell me how stupid I was.  It never occurred to me that people would have to find my blog first.

Neither of those things happened.
No one told me I was stupid AND no one commented. LOL

It was just another case of unrealized fears.

Here we are more than 7 years later and I’m finding it’s time for a change.  My blogs will continue only they will have a new home on my website so that everything is one place.

I’d love for you to join me there so we can continue to stay in touch.
You can find future blogs at www.robinbadler.com/blog

Once you’re there, be sure to Join my community so you can stay up to date with new blogs as they are published.

And if you’d rather not hang out wrapat my new home, that’s ok too. I’ll miss you and I am so glad we had this time together.

Big love,

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The Truth Will Set You Free

In the end, the Truth will prevail.  That doesn’t mean it’s always pretty.  In times of struggle, there are those who will choose to survive and those who will choose to sacrifice for the sake of the greater good.  This happens in life all the time.  Me?  I’m a big picture kind of person.  I fight for my clients’ lives sometimes harder than they do.  And I do same for the people I love.  I know many of you do too.

Here’s the point I want to make, though.  The fight and the sacrifice?  There will people in your life who don’t understand the sacrifices you make because they don’t look like the norm.  The won’t understand that for you, the choices you are making are truly life or death situations.

They have no clue as to just how painful the sacrifice is for you, that making those sacrifices are the only chance you have of living. Because they can only see things through the lens of their small-mindedness which has been created by fear and their lack of belief in themselves.  You need to remember that….and you need to remember that you haven’t walked in their shoes either….

Your job, my beautiful friends, is NOT to try and change their minds.  Your job IS to keep yourself from feeding their fear because when you do, you are giving them power at the expense of your Power.  Your job is to live in your Truth.  And at first, there’s a good chance that the best you’ll be able to do is just survive.  But, you will get stronger and soon you will begin to thrive.

At some point in time, you will not recognize the man or woman you were when you made the initial sacrifice.  Instead of other people’s judgments of you sticking to you until you have so many layers on you that they feel like a mantle of cement that’s so thick You.  Cannot.  Breathe….. they will be nothing more than a speck of dust on your shoulder that is quickly and easily flicked away.

Instead of being a being a self-righteous person who is out to make the world pay for your unhappiness, your feelings of insecurity, powerlessness, and feeling like you are less than everyone else, you will:




LIVE FROM REAL LOVE….NOT the manufactured kind that tv tries to sell you.

I’m not saying you’re going to turn into some kind of perfect being who always makes the right choices, who never gets angry, who never feels hurt or sad….if you did that, you wouldn’t be human.

However, you will be able to go to sleep at night knowing you’ve lived each moment of every day truly being the best person you can be.  As opposed to being the type of person who goes to church on Sunday and spews venom, hatred, and judgment the minute they walk out the door.

And while you will not become a doormat or accepting of their behavior, you will have compassion for them because you can see just how powerless, lost, and lovelessStockSnap_JTLDWYRONR

they feel….and you will see that despite their bravado, they don’t really believe in or trust themselves…..and when you get there, they will no longer have any power over you.

You will act from your Truth, Love, Power, and Divinity and you won’t give a shit that they think they won the fight because you will KNOW with every fiber of your being that you won the War.

This is my promise to you.

~Robin Badler~
Accept & Exhale

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How to Survive 8 Hours with your Family without wanting to scream.

It’s holiday season. The time for being merry and bright and love abounds. Annnndddd…. it’s the time for being locked in a room with a bunch of family members who may love, but let’s face it….if you weren’t bound by blood, you’d probably never even be in the same room as them.
Or maybe, you’re hoping and praying that your mother will just once soften and tell you she loves you…but she won’t because she can’t. She’s still trying to get over the pain of being abused by her father and she showing love…even to her beloved son or daughter is way too scary and painful. Instead, she berates you, asks when you’re going to lose some weight, and demands to know when you are going to make your kid cut his hair.
Let’s face it. Holidays can be awesome but there’s so much pressure from friends, family, the media and society in general about how they “should” be that there’s very little room for something different.
Unless you’re one of the courageous who is able to look society in the eye and say, “Thanks, but no thanks. I’m doing my way.”
Everyone can use a little extra support this time of year which is why I made this video for you. It’s chock full of tools that you can use now and any time that you feel like a caged lioness who can’t get to her babies.

Click here to be taken to the video.

One of the tools that I talk about is essential oils by doTerra. You can get them
by clicking here.

I’d love to hear how these tools worked for you.
Comment below and let me know.

Big love,

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Your Holiday Survival Kit

These are the only tools you will need to survive the holidays.  Fast forward to about 1:30 to get to where I start talking about the tools.

If you’re interested in ordering the oils I mentioned, you can find them on my website by clicking here.

Big Love,

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Manifesting Experiment

Manifestation Grid-edited

See that crazy mess of crystals? That’s beginning of a manifestation experiment. I’ve got a super simple process for manifesting, but it’s fun to push the envelope sometimes.  So, I created this grid to see if it makes things go faster.

Here’s what the crystals are and why I chose them.

On the left, the four crystals surrounding the clear piece in the middle are moldavite.  I call moldavite a “don’t mess with me” crystal because it means business. It supports really fast transformation…but I have to warn you, the transformation doesn’t always look pretty. As a matter of fact, it usually looks pretty ugly.  Why? Because moldavite is a heart crystal and really gets to the heart of the matter.

I’m using it here to show me the truth and clarity of what I want and why it’s not here yet…AND…to help me transform whatever that is quick.

The clear crystals in this grid are Herkimer diamonds. Herkimer diamonds amplify the power of the surrounding crystals.  It will also help you to attune to your situation or environment. In this case, it’s purpose is to attune (or align) me with what I’m manifesting. On top of that, it also aids in removing blocks allowing for a clear pathway to your desires.

The light brownish clear crystal in the top right center of the photo is a natural citrine. Citrine is a stone of manifestation. It’s also a stone of happiness and personal power. The more joy you have, the easier it is to manifest. That doesn’t mean you can’t manifest if you’re not happy…being happy just makes it easier. And the personal power helps you to take the physical world steps necessary to actualize your dreams.

The dark stone in the center-right and the other dark stone diagonally and to the left are garnets. Garnets are grounding stones. Remember, you’re manifesting into the physical world so you want something that represents being grounded on the earth.

Garnet is also a stone of passion, creativity, purification, charisma, and love.  This crystal is intense so it also helps you to have the drive you need to stay the course.

The two orangish stones are spessartite (darker) and hessonite (lighter) garnets.
Spessartite garnet is a powerful stone for manifestation. It also supports creativity and commitment.

Hessonite garnet attracts good fortune, aids in business success, and also supports passion and creativity.

And finally, the two tiny stones are yellow apatite. This is a stone of positivity and goal achievement.  It’s a stone of courage–especially when starting something new. Plus, it provides support in business, especially if that business is one where you are making a living from your passions.  It also helps one to feel more confident.

I haven’t decided what it is I want to manifest yet with this grid and I still may tweak it (my Lemurians are calling), but it’s too fun not to share.

PS: most of these crystals have a pretty high energy and can make some people anxious. If you are like me and like to do things over the top, keep that in mind if you decide to recreate this grid.

What are some of your favorite crystals for manifestation?

Big love,



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How To Stop Making Impulsive Decisions

Impulsive decisions mess with your goals. Here’s how to stop making them.

Much love and abundant blessings,

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It’s okay to be overwhelmed

So many people on the path of self-development and spirituality feel like shit because they go overwhelmed.  They think they’re doing something wrong and I’m here to tell you you’re not.

Much love and abundant blessings,


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